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The Affresol range of Beach Huts are ideal for every seaside resort. These beach huts are more than just a shelter or place to change, they are safe for storing personal belongings and can incorporate basic facilities for preparing food and hot drinks with mains electricity or bottled gas.

Manufactured from TPR® synthetic concrete, Affresol beach huts are secure, robust and sustainable. The they have a 50 plus years life expectancy, require zero maintenance and are competitively priced.

We offer a design service to help our clients choose their perfect Beach Hut. With a variety of options available such as size specifications, colour schemes and optional extras.

We work with our customers, guiding them through the project, from conception to completion.

Affresol Beach Huts are:

• Secure, robust and sustainable.
• Fire retardant and rot resistant.
• Standard & bespoke designs.
• Zero Maintenance.
• 50+ years life expectancy.
• Competitive prices.

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Affresol Limited is a green technology business committed to helping protect the environment; we have a socially responsible approach and will not compromise the needs of future generations.

Our innovative range of products and structural buildings are made from a high percentage of recycled materials, delivering long term savings, outstanding quality and a low carbon footprint.

Affresol have developed a synthetic concrete called TPR® (Thermo Polymerised Rock) which is made from 70% waste that has been diverted from landfill, it is 40% lighter than equivalent concrete and 6 times stronger than a traditional building block.

TPR® is the structural nucleus of a portfolio of products including:

  • Social Housing (garages, sheds, mobility scooter storage units, bin stores, secure enclosures)
  • Infrastructure (cable troughs for the rail network and utilities)
  • Leisure (Beach Huts, Toilet Units, Sports Equipment Storage).

The intellectual property for TPR® is owned by Affresol. TPR® has won the prestigious “Sustainable Product of the Year” award from the Chartered Institute of Waste Management.

Affresol is supported by the Carbon Trust and has an ongoing relationship with Cardiff University. We proactively work with the Environment Agency to reduce waste going to landfill.