TPR™ Frame Housing

Houses built using the TPR™ Frame system have all of the advantages of building with timber frame plus many additional advantages not least of which is that a TPR™ Frame is much more substantial, it is stronger, and more “eco friendly”.

TPR™ Frames are constructed as a 100mm * 150mm “ring beam” structural frame with integral 75mm thick infill panels that make the whole frame stronger and more substantial. 

The roofing system on all TPR frames will be traditional timber trusses which will be felt and batten then covered with an appropriate recycled roof tile.

All TPR Frames are delivered with embedded Ancon 25/14 Restraint System wall ties. This allows the Frames to be clad externally with a pre specified cladding which can be Brick, Stone, Block, or one of many other recycled cladding options.

TPR™ frame eco homes are designed and manufactured to be fit for purpose and durable. Current estimates based on materials similar to TPR are that they will have a life expectancy of over 80 years. Even at the end of this period the whole TPR product can be taken away to be recycled and then re used again in a new TPR House.

A typical TPR™ Walling system has a U Value of 0.15 and is made up as follows