The TPR (Thermo Poly Rock) Product.

Affresol Sectional Houses are made from an innovative new product called Thermo Poly Rock (TPR).

TPR3™ is a “thermo set polymer” that is produced from a cold process that takes selected waste products that have been diverted from landfill. This pre selected waste is recycled then size reduced, after which it is mixed with a Resin and the TPR Polymers. The result is a mouldable liquid compound that is poured like concrete and when it is cured is stronger than concrete.

The waste streams that will be used in this process will all be diverted from landfill.

TPR3™ is poured into moulds in the same way as concrete and will be left to cure for 24 hours. When TPR3 is in its solid form it has the following intrinsic attributes:

Thermo Poly Rock (TPR) can be manufactured in different strength grades and the strength grade is denoted by a suffix.
Detailed below are the current product strength grades.

Thermo Polymer Rock grade 3 (TPR3) is the product that will be used to make the Affresol house sections.

All TPR products come with a 15 year guarantee.