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TPR synthetic concrete is a non cementitious concrete that has been developed in the UK by Affresol Limited with support from Cardiff University and the Carbon Trust. TPR® is produced from a cold manufacturing process that utilizes size reduced recycled mixed plastic waste products and waste minerals.

Our innovative mixing process produces a mouldable compound that is poured like a “semi dry” traditional concrete mix. There is an exothermic reaction after the product has been poured and TPR synthetic concrete is solid after 3 hours, full curing takes 24 hours at which stage the compressive strength is similar to concrete that has been cured for 40 days.

All of the waste streams that are used in the TPR synthetic concrete process have been diverted from landfill and any materials that can be recycled are channelled back into the market for reuse. TPR® has undergone stringent testing to the highest levels set by the British Standards Institute and/or European Standards.

Current estimates based on intensive durability testing of TPR synthetic concrete rate the durability as “better than XF1 frost resistant concrete.”

  • All waste used has been diverted from landfill, is traceable and non-toxic.
  • Unlike concrete TPR® is a Zero Maintenance product and is 100% waterproof.
  • Exova Fire Tested – Classification E – Suitable for Construction Applications.
  • 6 times stronger than a traditional building block.
  • 50+ year life expectancy.
  • 40% lighter than equivalent concrete.
  • Factory moulded, not site poured.
  • 92% recyclable at end of life.

Affresol operates to ISO 9001 manufacturing standards, included in this standard is a rigorous testing regime that ensures all Affresol products are produced to the required standards.

TPR® is not the panacea to replace all traditional concrete, it is a sustainable alternative for specific applications where concrete is not the best solution for the job in hand.

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