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A secure, robust and sustainable solution to mobility scooter storage

Our mobility scooter storage units are more than your usual lean to, or plastic sheeting. They are full, secure, and long-lasting built units designed specifically for mobility scooter storage.

The units are environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, waterproof, secure, rot-resistant, resistant to infestation, and zero maintenance. Our standard range of mobility scooter storage units includes single mobility scooter storage units, communal mobility scooter storage units, and battery mobility scooter storage units.

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Highly Resistant and Robust Materials

Affresol’s Mobility Scooter Storage units are all manufactured from TPR®, our patented alternative to concrete. TPR® is lighter and stronger than concrete, having greater compressive strength than the foundations of your house. In addition it is:

  • Fire Resistant – Tested by Exova Warrington Fire to Classification E Reaction to Fire (suitable for construction use)
  • Waterproof – TPR®, with its gel coating, is waterproof. We’ve combined that with a specially designed roofing system to absorb and ventilate condensation, keeping your contents protected from the elements
  • Rot Resistant – TPR® is resistant to rot, unlike comparative materials which can begin to decay within a few years
  • Resistant to Infestation – a lot of outdoor storage units make nice homes to the creepy crawlies of our world, but not TPR®
  • Resistant to Theft – certain ranges of our products have the ‘Sold Secure’ accreditation which means they have police approval, we’re able to take the elements of those products and apply them to our entire offering, meaning you always get the best with Affresol
  • Zero Maintenance – our highly robust material has a gel coating which protects it for its entire lifespan. There’s no rust removal, no varnishing, no extra coats of paint, our product can stand the test of time with virtually no input from you

Environmentally Friendly Mobility Scooter Storage

Affresol’s Mobility Scooter Storage units are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and highly durable.

TPR® makes use of mixed plastic waste which has been diverted from landfill, and we use just under a tonne in every mobility scooter storage unit we manufacture. We use a ‘cold manufacturing process’ which creates far less harmful emissions than the manufacture of concrete, or other competing materials. Our mobility scooter storage units are 92% recyclable at the end of life.

Designed with the user in mind

Our innovative designs are based with the user in mind, we supply standard sizes or we can manufacture to suit your unique requirements (with options for multiple users). Our range includes drive-in storage units as well as more compact ones, perfect for the built environment with space constraints. In addition to this, our mobility scooter storage units are:

  • Transferable – Single units have a one piece roof and can be supplied with their own TPR® base system. This gives the added benefit of the unit being transferable between sites to accommodate the increase/decrease of demand
  • Easy to install – All our units are quick and easy to erect, everything simply bolts together
  • Internal Lighting and Charging Points – All of our units have an ‘electric board’ available to include, this comes with an energy efficient light and a double socket for charging your mobility scooter
  • High Quality External Finish – Our units are available in a wide range of colours and are finished with a high impact gelcoat, which gives you a low maintenance and easy clean solution that provides a modern and attractive look

The Affresol Service

Professional Advice

Our team of experts can assist you throughout the project. They are available for site visits and will make informed recommendations, they can provide working drawings and method statements and will help ensure a smooth project from conception through to completion.

Installed by accredited specialists

Affresol has a network of Accredited Installers around the UK. These installers are either local subcontractors or DLO’s from Housing Associations. The training and accreditation is the same for both subcontractor and DLO. We want to help you to support your local community, so we always try to use local companies throughout the installation process.

Fire risk and Mobility Scooter Storage

Mobility scooters are often stored and left to charge in areas such as corridors and staircases which are classed as sterile areas and should be free from combustible materials and ignition sources. This sterile area often makes up the means of escape for other residents within the living accommodation. This could be in a block of flats, sheltered accommodation, residential care home or other similar communal living accommodation.

The practice of storing mobility scooters in sterile areas places an unacceptable risk to other occupiers and should be discouraged. Mobility scooters offer an increased fire loading and potential source of ignition. If involved in fire they can release large amounts of highly toxic smoke and gases. If stored in protected corridors, staircases or common areas (sterile areas), a fire involving a mobility scooter could affect the means of escape and place an unacceptable risk to all occupiers within the building.

The responsible person for flats, sheltered accommodation, residential care home or other similar communal living accommodation has a duty under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to consider any significant fire safety issues within the premises and put in place control measures to mitigate against these.

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