What is TPR®?

//What is TPR®?

What is TPR®?

What is TPR? TPR® is the synthetic concrete that we use in manufacturing our products. It is made of plastic waste diverted from landfill. Last year we diverted over 200 tonnes of waste that would have ended up in landfill.

We can use most plastics when making TPR®, but the best kinds of plastic waste for us are rigid plastics such as window frames. Because of this we are able to make a completely circular recycling mechanism for your renovation project. We can take whatever plastic waste you have from your old site, and use it in making the new one!

TPR® creates a zero-maintenance product with great fire credentials and fantastic strength characteristics. TPR ® is thermally efficient, has an estimated life expectancy of over 50 years, and is over 90% recyclable at end of life.

So, now if someone asks you ‘what is TPR?’ you know how to reply – TPR® is Affresol’s sustainable alternative to concrete. It is stronger and more durable than concrete, and has a much lower impact on the environment. More than that, it even looks good. TPR® is delivered with an attractive gel coating that sets it apart from those ugly raw concrete exteriors.

To reduce your carbon footprint and get a long-lasting secure solution in the process of doing so get in touch. We’re happy to look at all bespoke projects, taking delivery of your plastic waste, or to talk to you about any of our standard products. Just head over to our contact page and its easy from there!


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